about me

A lifetime of cameras + horses

I fell in love with photographing horses as a kid. My dad was a horse show photographer and we spent a lot of time in the outer banks. I followed wild ponies around and photographing them.

I decided to pursue photography professionally when my dog got sick. He had been with me for 14 years, and I realized I had no good photos of him. I booked a session with a professional photographer, and these pictures of he and I are some of the most meaningful ones I have.

I want to give those types of photos to others who love their horses and pets as much I love mine. I believe the relationship between people and their animals is the most amazing type of bond.

My favorite things

my horses

I own 2 bay thoroughbred mares.

I got Lava as a 3 year old in 2015. She loves snacks, naps, and water. She's basically an oversized labrador. Emmy joined us in 2022. She's more similar to a finicky cat, but loves in her own way.

my husband

My husband is the first by I had a crush in middle school (he doesn't remember me.) We went to high school together too but we didn't start dating until we were 19 but we've been together 11 years now! I'm very lucky that he is the most supportive horse husband.

my pets

I also work as an ICU vet tech and have accumulated lots pets over the years. Our world completely revolves around them. They're very spoiled and run our household.